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Looking after your money is as easy as using a phone!

phnbut.JPG (8599 bytes)How it works!phnbut.JPG (8599 bytes)


phntiny.JPG (6643 bytes)Dial 1300 361 567

phntiny.JPG (6643 bytes)After a welcome message, you will be asked if you wish to use the automatic account enquiry service. Press 1 on the phone. If you do not wish to use the system press 2 and you will be transferred to our operator. For your security, account balances are only available via Telelink or person to person at a branch office.

phntiny.JPG (6643 bytes)If you want to access the system, after already pressing 1, you will be asked for your member number, then press star.

phntiny.JPG (6643 bytes) First time callers only - enter your temporary access code, then press star (* ). You will then be asked to enter a P.I.N. which will be used for all future access. Enter any four to six digit code followed by a star (* ) but please avoid simple, repeated digits or your date of birth.

phntiny.JPG (6643 bytes)You will then be given the balance of your Access account,

phntiny.JPG (6643 bytes)From there you can access all the other options available on Telelink!

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