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   Can I apply for a loan?

  What can I borrow for?

How do I apply?  

How do I repay

What are the costs?


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Can I apply for a loan?

If you are or become a member of the Credit Union you may apply for a loan, & that's almost as easy as signing the application.

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What can I borrow for?

If you meet the required criteria, Any worthwhile purpose!

Personal loans ~ cars, caravans, holidays, pools, boats, jet skis, 
loan consolidation and more . . .

Homes for living in or investment properties.

All loan details are as individual as you are, let us design a loan to exactly suit your needs.

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How do I apply for a loan?

Simply complete an application form at an office.  Any member with an existing loan or recently finalised loan will find increasing an existing loan or taking out a new loan is much  simpler and approval faster.  Our computer system allows us to update your loan records without the need for new application forms.

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Repayment options

Take advantage of our convenient and simple pay deduction system, you will never forget a payment and budgeting will be simpler.  If deductions are not available, you can deposit your repayment at any of our offices or send a cheque through the mail with a deposit slip.

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What about costs?

Elcom Credit Union will pass on all associated loan costs.

These include: Stamp duty, Legal costs, Property valuations, Mortgage guarantee insurance, Government charges and  loan application fees. Interest on loans is payable by the borrower.

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