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Elcom Credit Union has for some time recognised the need for convenient access to qualified , independent investment advice for its members.

Bridges Personal Investment Services was appointed to provide members with an independent advisory service. They will advise members on the complete spectrum of investments from superannuation to shares and negative gearing. Bridges have no investment interests of their own, this combined with a standard fee structure means the advice is free of any influence or bias.

We also provide high performance investment accounts to help you build a nest egg . . .


This pays a high rate of interest and your money is readily available. You are rewarded for saving with a higher rate of interest as your account balance grows.


These allow you to set money aside at a predetermined rate of interest.   You will know exactly how much you will earn over a set period. Maximum term = 36 months  Minimum term = 3 months.  Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly or on maturity.

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