Cheques! Cash on call!

Operating your Elcom Credit Union cheque account is easy because it is linked to your savings/overdraft accounts. This provides immediate access to your cash.


Cheques make bill paying a simple process and will help you control your budget with a daily record of outgoings.

Monthly you will receive an itemised statement, detailing all transactions as confirmation of your spending patterns.

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Important Do's and Don'ts

Do ensure sufficient funds are in your account.

Do fill in all details on the cheque and cheque butt.

Do sign each cheque after all details are completed.

Do write "not negotiable" across each cheque.

Do call the Credit Union immediately if your cheque book is lost or stolen.

Don't sign a blank cheque.

Don't leave your cheques or cheque book where they can be stolen.

Don't post date cheques.

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