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Now one of the most widely accepted atm.JPG (24869 bytes)access cards, use your Elcom Credit Union Redicard or Visacard at over 3,400  Automatic teller machines and more than 44,000 EFTPOSSignchek.JPG (22151 bytes) outlets around Australia.
Combined with an Elcom Credit Union cheque account, your cash can always be on call!


logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)Redicard

Use it conveniently at these outlets.

- Credit Union Reditellers
- Westpac Handyway
- National Australia Bank

- ANZ Day and Night Banks
- Cashcard ATM'sBuycard.JPG (13593 bytes)

- Multicard ATM's
- State Bank of NSW Green Machines
- R&I Easy banks
- State Bank of South Australia
- EFTPOS Outlets everywhere! Cash withdrawals are available at some retail outlets.


logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)Visa Card

The ideal convenience card, putting millions of shops, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and service stations at your disposal in Australia and around the world!    Use your Elcom Credit Union Visa Card in over 160 countries accepted in over 200,000 ATM's by over 12 million merchants.



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                       Choose your own P.I.N.  make it something personal to yourself!

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