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but we just call it BECS.

You will call it convenience!

Rather than depositing an employees wages pay into their credit union account, some employers have insisted they be paid through the company's existing arrangements with its bank or financial institution.

Thanks to BECS it is now easy for your employer to deposit all, or part of your pay directly into your Elcom Credit Union Account. It involves no cost or inconvenience to your employer, with BECS it is your choice how you are paid.


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logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)   You say which account receives your money

logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)   No double account handling.

logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)   Access to your pay on the usual pay day.

logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)   You enjoy all the benefits of an Elcom Credit Union account.

logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)   There are no costs to your employer.

logbull.JPG (8413 bytes)   If you change jobs, you can maintain your Elcom Credit Union account.



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